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Happy Birthday Aldo: 22 Facts about Refaldo!

It is an amazing new year! I can possibly write a wrap up of my greatest moment in 2012 or this personal resolution in 2013 for my first blog post in The Pusparaniology in 2013. But now, I want to dedicate my first posting for my dearest Refaldo Fanter, who is now a birthday boy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALDO! SEE, THE UNIVERSE IS CHEERING FOR YOUR BIRHTDAY AS THE NEW YEAR COMES!
Now, let me dedicate this posting to tell you the-22-best-thing about Aldo as he turns 22 this year 😀

Refaldo and Indah for years
Refaldo and Indah Everywhere in the World
  1. He is a dreamer and a fighter for his dreams
  2. He was crowned the Best Performing ASEANpreneurs Country Manager in Singapore
  3. He has been to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand
  4. He is a big fan about Big Bang, a Korean boyband
  5. He is CEO of DAEBAK Café, a Korean Restaurant
  6. He is a “Motivator, Inspirator, Trainer Muda No.1 Indonesia”
  7. He once worked in Garuda Indonesia before deciding to be an entrepreneur
  8. He dreams of being an entrepreneur, famed motivator, and author
  9. His first business includes popsicle making, cat fish farming, and Batik Cirebon accessories online shopping
  10. He was graduated from Mechanical Engineering, Universitas Indonesia
  11. He was once my boss in an organization, and my employee in another 😀
  12. He is fluent in English eventhough he is never admitted to any English course
  13. He has no sister, but has three brothers
  14. He loves eating almost everything
  15. His favorite food including cah kangkung, bubble tea, mango pudding, and grilled gurame
  16. He does not know how to eat burger properly
  17. He had never been to Jakarta until he was admitted to Universitas Indonesia
  18. He has never beeen to Monumen National Peak
  19. He cries for “Habibie Ainun” Book and Movie
  20. He’d love to try my BB Cream
  21. He first met me in Balairung Universitas Indonesia
  22. He is my love!

Again, happy birthday, Aldo! May you have a wonderful year ahead! Be my forever man!

Happy New Year 2013! My Academic Research 2012 in Review

When I look back on my research papers I made during 2012, I reflect on what I read and write on. As a young International Relations analyst, this also reflects what I believe and how I see the world through my eyes.

Next year, I will start to write my thesis, and eventually I graduate from Department of International Relations, Universitas Indonesia. And again, when I look back this year, I am glad I have done and left a mark on these four meaningful years.

wordle 2013

SUSI-BSU Indonesia Mini Reunion

It took nearly a year to finally meet my SUSI buddies again, and I was sooooo grateful to meet them all! We had a mini reunion with Hafidz and Deslina in Indonesian Young Alumni Community Conference (KAMI Conference) at @america, Pacific Place, Jakarta. It’s not complete, though, because most of my SUSI buddies were not residing in Jakarta: Tasha (in Bandung at the moment), Odit (recently nailed his bachelor degree in UGM), Sinta (in Surabaya), and Soro (in Papua). Deslina was also just graduated from Universitas Sriwijaya, Palembang, and now seeking her Master degree
.and specially visited Jakarta for this! Love ya Dz!


SUSI-BSU Indonesia students are the short-listed, most-talented, passionate, and daring student leaders selected by U.S. Department of State for “Study in the United States Institute for Student Leaders” Scholarship Program—and for me, they are the most lovable and sincere friends. We shared our life-changing journey in Ball State University in Summer 2011 with other student leaders from the Philippines and Malaysia. After my hurried travel from Washington D.C.-Detroit-Tokyo-Singapore-Jakarta-Singapore in nearly 4 days only, I spent the rest of last year to finish my (another, if I may say) exchange program in National University of Singapore for a semester. I had amazing opportunity to meet JR, Malaysian student, who took an internship program in a prestigious law firm in Singapore, then visited the Philippines in late December to fulfill my Philippines friend’s invitation that I can’t resist!

I am now safe and sound in Jakarta. Going back to my sweetheart, Refaldo Fanther, my family, my cats, and my school buddies in Universitas Indonesia. And seeing real Indonesian SUSI-BSU buddies was reallllllly more challenging for me, hahaha, comparing to my encounter in overseas friends.

My mum is always right, “Silaturahim opens up sustenance”, or in a more materialist word, “Networks open up new opportunities ahead.” Our meeting concludes in sharing of sponsor information, conference opportunities, and future project together in social media—something we have seen in the world and want to share here in Indonesia.

Allah SWT always has a mystery.