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Media Panel di HarvardPAIR Taiwan

Pepatah mengatakan, carilah ilmu sampai ke negeri Cina.

Well, meskipun Taiwan bukan mainland China, salah satu negara impian belajar Indah, Indah sangat sangat sangat bersyukur akhirnya bisa menginjakkan kaki di Taiwan ini, apalagi tujuannya adalah menjawab official invitation untuk Harvard Project for Asia and International Relations (HPAIR) Asia Conference. Sedikit tentang HPAIR, HPAIR Asia Conference merupakan proyek terbesar Universitas Harvard di luar negeri sejak 21 tahun lalu, held annually to discuss the most pressing issue in Asia Pacific, ranging from health to security, energy to media. Tahun ini, Indah sendiri diundang untuk di panel media karena selain Hubungan Internasional, sejak program beasiswa SUSI New Media in Journalism 2011, Indah mulai fokus dengan media studies. Hal ini semakin berarti karena Indah sedang di tengah proyek Social Media Carnival dengan YEP! Youth EmPowering!

Kota penyelenggaranya HPAIR Asia Conference sendiri berpindah-pindah di sekitar negara Asia Pasifik bekerjasama dengan universitas lokal yang akan menjadi host acara ini melalui bidding ketat. Tahun ini, National Chengchi University menjadi host university dengan Taipei City dan New Taipei City yang menjadi host cities-nya. So..NIHAO TAIWAN! Arrived Taoyuan International Airport after one day flight from Jakarta-Singapore to Taipei

I feel so blessed that finally I could make it after months of academic preparation at school and fundraising project with some of my best pals and Professor. I was proud to once again stand on global stage representing as Indonesian young leader in a very prestigious occasion organized by Harvard University. I had chance to meet Asian leaders in media, business, government, and expand my international networking and friendship. In Media panel, I came across to some of the best media expert from Youtube, CNN International, CCTV China and New York, and visited TVBS (Taiwan’s first satellite TV) and Taiwan Central News Agency. What I was proud of, they recognized me as a young Indonesian that drive a real change, through my Social Media Carnival project with my organization, YEP! Youth EmPowering!

And again, I stand straight amongst 500+ delegates from across the globe, as a young Muslim woman. There were only less than 10 people with Muslim hijab in the conference. I was delighted to know that though me, people were able to understand Islam better, clarify some misperception, and accept me as their best friends without hatred and suspicion—and in the end, we come home with the new mindset.

Indah Gilang to Harvard Project for Asia and International Relations, Taipei

Hereby I attach a glimpse of my journey to Taiwan, an island of a patriotic nation despite their debatable independence status. The pictures depict my presentation, learning activity, cultural exchange, and some of my best friends.

I hope you we can learn together from the world, and share it for the better better future of Indonesian youths Open-mouthed smile

Good luck the Next SUSI BSU fellas!

Perasaan yang aneh di benak kami, para Alumni SUSI BSU New Media in Journalism 2011, ketika melepas kepergian delegasi Indonesia untuk program yang sama tahun ini kemarin di @america, Pacific Place. Bahagia? Senang? Rindu? Iri? Nostalgic? Sepertinya semuanya.

Kami senang karena bisa menginspirasi orang-orang dengan karya kami dan membuat mereka terpacu untuk mengejar mimpi mereka juga, dan akhirnya pulang membawa segudang ilmu dan pengalaman baru yang akan mereka bagi pada pemuda Indonesia. Kami tertular excitement yang mereka rasakan, terasa bergetar di hati kami, seperti yang kami rasakan waktu kita berangkat setahun yang lalu. Bagi Indah pribadi, itu perjalanan overseas untuk hampir satu tahun, bukan 5 minggu karena Indah akan melanjutkan perjalanan ke Singapura untuk menempuh student exchange program lagi selama satu semester, right after SUSI.

Mungkin juga kami rindu dan iri dengan keluarga yang kami miliki sekarang di Muncie, Indiana, karena mereka sekarang sedang menunggu kedatangan sekelompok siswa-siswa Indonesia lainnya, bukan kami, seperti setahun lalu. Hahaha.. mungkin kami benar-benar merindukan mereka di sana: Suzy, Mary, Terry, Brandon, Jim, Linda, yang merupakan profesor-profesor kami sekaligus host family kami selama di AS.

Selama delegasi Indonesia diberi pengarahan dari pihak U.S. Embassy Jakarta, kami duduk di belakang, seru dengan iPad berfitur Google Earth miliki @america. Deslina mengetik “Ball State University” di kotak pencarian, kemudian Google Earth menunjukkan tampilan satelit lansekap kampus BSU yang benar-benar kami hafal secara nyaris nyata, yang kemudian menohok kami. Rasa nostalgia yang mengharu-biru menguasai perasaan kami.

Good luck teman-teman! Kami persembahkan video ini untuk mengantar lifetime journey kalian. As this video suggests,

We have seen the world and learn from there. Now, we can bring the lesson here to Indonesia. Today, it is YOUR turn.


ASEANpreneurs Country Heads and Ambassadors Application 2012 until May 15!

The main role of a Country Head would be to form and lead the country chapter. As this is the first time that ASEANpreneurs is setting up country chapters, Country Heads will get the chance to explore unchartered waters and enjoy a steep learning curve. The Country Heads will be solely responsible for recruiting their team and leading the country chapter.

The pivotal role of Country Ambassadors would be to generate awareness about local and international ASEANpreneurs events. This could be achieved through email blasts via the university channels, youth clubs and forums and Facebook blasts to as large a youth audience as possible. The alternative approach would be more personal whereby the ambassadors leverage on their independent contacts to gain marketing momentum by driven word of mouth. Hence we expect the Ambassadors to be well connected in all such means.

Let’s hear how Indonesian Country Managers of ASEANpreneurs were thrilled with their amazing journey…

ASEANpreneurs Indonesian Country Managers 2012 and ASEANpreneurs Youth Leaders Exchange 2012 Delegates
ASEANpreneurs Indonesian Country Managers 2012 and ASEANpreneurs Youth Leaders Exchange 2012 Delegates
Melia Halim, Indonesia
Melia Halim, Indonesia

Melia Halim, Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia

Being ASEANpreneur Country Manager for Indonesia is such a big honour for me, not only invaluable experience, it also gives me an outstanding network to reach young –inspiring- entrepreneur with a big passion, idea, and dream. While the title involves a lot of professional teamwork especially in promoting entrepreneurship in general and ASEANpreneurs in Indonesia, this also gives me a deep insight how entrepreneurship deserves more spotlight in Indonesia. Don’t waste the opportunity to be the Country Manager since this will be great opportunity to learn, to inspire, and be inspired.

William Lautama, Indonesia
William Lautama, Indonesia


William Lautama, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia

I could not feel more excited than to be the official representatives of ASEANpreneurs, working dynamically with my fellow Country Managers (even I didn’t meet them before) to market and promote ASEANpreneurs to all Indonesian young entrepreneurs. Moreover, I get the chance to contact directly with ASEANpreneurs core team and learned many things about their culture & working style. Responsible for both parties as connector really improving my communication skills more professional. Now, I encourage you to be part of us .

Rindha Devie, Indonesia
Rindha Devie, Indonesia

Rindha Devie, Universitas Brawijaya

Amazing! could be the spontaneous word to depict my feeling of being one of the country manager of Aseanpreneurs. It shows me the tangible learning to enhance my network and enrich my knowledge of cornerstone of business in the same time. Every single experience with Aseanpreneurs was so impactful toward my personal and professional goals. Thank you for convince me that through collaboration and fellowship, it is not necessary to waiting for success in business years by now, but Now.

SO, STEP UP AND BE A YOUTH ENTREPRENEUR LEADER… APPLY FOR ASEANpreneurs Country Heads and Ambassadors Application 2012!

visit ASEANpreneurs official website for application:

Instruction: go to homepage, click “Application” tab, and click “Apply Now” in red button. The application form will be downloaded automatically.

You can also try the alternate links here:

Deadline: 15 May 2012

Indah Gilang Pusparani

External Affairs Executive

ASEANpreneurs 2011