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Cambridge Academic Exchange
Cambridge Academic Exchange, UK

Hi, I am Indah Gilang Pusparani. I am a writer and public speaker on scholarship, overseas education, development issues, travelling, and lifestyle.

Having previously lived in London, Singapore, and Muncie, United States, I am now based in Jakarta/Depok with frequent travel to my hometown in Cirebon, West Java.

I started this website in 2009, intrigued by my irresistable flow of ideas in my mind about my study, experiences in student activism, student exchange programs, graduate study, lots and lots of travelling up to two-digit countries for competitions, conferences, study, and backpacking. From a personal platform named “Pusparaniology: My Future, My History”, this website has grown with huge following, people who also share my enthusiasm about all things overseas education, development issues, and travelling-related with personal tips and touch.

If I am not here, I am working on different projects with media / development industry, a place where I am equally passionate about and trying to make my mark in the world.


Awardee LPDP 13 - London, UK. Credits: Nina Asterina
Awardee LPDP 13 – London, UK. Credits: Nina Asterina

I graduated MSc Development Administration and Planning from University College London, United Kingdom in 2015. I finished bachelor degree from International Relations from Universitas Indonesia in 2014, with two exchange programs in Political Science at National University of Singapore and New Media in Journalism at Ball State University, USA.

I was awarded “Diplomacy Award” at Harvard World Model United Nations 2011 and named as Indonesian Gifted Researcher by Australian National University. I previously worked at the Commonwealth Parliament Association UK and a diplomacy consulting firm Best Delegate LLC in USA.

As "Secretary General in Model United Nations Simulation: Managing Disasters Together" 2011
As “Secretary General in Model United Nations Simulation: Managing Disasters Together” 2012



If you fancy a chat, find me on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn , or email me on indahgilang@gmail.com.


21 thoughts on “About Me”

    1. Call me Indah, Pusparani is my last name. 🙂
      Yeah sure.. Iv heard about u before.from afu. So i asked afu if u r te one we used to talk about.
      Nice to meet u.. 😉

  1. HI Indah,

    I search cat-lion and found your blog :). No matter how I would send my best wishes to your life with admiration

  2. Hai nice girl, I’m lubna from the Jakarta National of Univercity.. I wanna ask you about ” How we can getting a scholarship from TF-Learn NUS ?? Could you please tell to me ?? Just give me steps of registered and another neccercary that I must to apply ..

    1. Hi Lubna! Thanks for dropping by! You should contact your university international office about the date and requirements for this particular scholarship. NUS has partnership with several universities in Indonesia, hence you should check if UNJ is one of the partner university 😀

    1. Terima kasih, Dina. Lumayan sering ko di beberapa arsip ke belakang. Silakan cari di tags “Travel in Infinity” atau “Academic”. Indah juga lagi ngembangin blog tflearnatnus.wordpress.com untuk semua cara-cara tembus beasiswa NUS 😀 masih dalam proses development, boleh dicek 😀

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