Pusparaniology Blog is Moving!

Halo! Blog Pusparaniology punya alamat yang baru di http://www.indahgilang.com

New Name

Pusparaniology now becomes IndahGilang at http://www.indahgilang.com

Terima kasih buat teman-teman yang suka baca, share, kasih komentar, dan feedback selama ini. I have enjoyed blogging since 2010 (hey there, if you have been around since then :D). I found that my mind was still racing with thoughts and words at night, while I have done with all the mundane things I did during the day.

So, I open my laptop and write. and publish. and it seems that people read me writing. and like it. and share it. and contact me that it has inspired them one way or another. It was an organic thing and really beautiful.

Sometimes because of that, I was pressured to create an interesting content with all the tips and tricks to boost likes and readership (like most insecure teenage with social media) . But then, it doesn’t feel natural nor genuine. So, I decided to just post whatever pops in my mind, like the real me, like Indah Gilang Pusparani.

Cambridge, UK. Credit: Miko Buntoro Cambridge, UK. Credit: Miko Buntoro

Because like every regular girl with college, organization, internships, and jobs, I have my down time…when I was completely lost from here or other social media outlet, which means my day-time activities really occupy my time and energy, which is equally exciting! Also, I may also write professionally on other websites, such as Best Delegate, Good News from Indonesia, or Hotcourses Indonesia.

So, if you happen to read this blog, just consider me as your girl friend or sister who happen to have some stories to tell, from college to travelling, from scholarship to nationalism, from books to make up, from Cirebon to London! So if you have any comments, questions, feedback, or just want to say hi, shoot me a message through my new address. If you find that the content is relevant and useful to others, feel free to share to your network.

New Face

New face available at http://www.indahgilang.com

In fact, maintaining and even developing a new website is a lengthy and challenging process. Six year of blogging at least gives the idea of how a WordPress dashboard work, but nothing about hosting, cpanel, plugins, and…what is it style.css thingy? With a help from fellow IT members in my current office (hey Bang Topan dan Rully!) who help me understand domain and hosting (with a lot of analogies and burst of laughter), I can finally sit down and work on this.

UCL summer break at Hyde Park, London UCL summer break at Hyde Park, London

It is a lot of work! In fact, I had fun figuring things out that I can do manually. I set out the blog to be sleek, simple, and easy to navigate from content to content. Also, it is fully responsive with any device (I hope so :D). Yes, in fact, it needs upgrading here and there, but so far I am proud!

Thank you for those of you who always encourage me to share this “part of me”, you make my world colorful. Dream, fight forward, and make it happen. See you in http://www.indahgilang.com! Cheers!

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