TF LEaRN @ NUS 2011 in Conclusion

Dream, fight forward, and live passionately.

Striving for TF LEaRN @ NUS scholarship was a huge agenda in the first half of this year. The other half is my time to accomplish my fruitful efforts. Done, yet? Nope. Because Singapore and NUS offers both breath-taking challenges and wide open opportunities, all of which I can finally cherish and treasure.

Dream and Aspiration in NUS (Courtesy of Asharin J. Purisamya)

Singapore forged me, knocked me down, uplift my senses to embrace difference, promote people’s lives, and accelerate impactful social change. And I did not do this in a vacuum: I was together with other TF scholars from all over ASEAN, Korea, India, and China whom I experienced and pursued this journey together. Together, we groomed our fullest leadership potential in the midst of a rich multicultural exchange, fast paced lifestyle, and advance academic atmosphere. At first, we are expected to bond regional networking for the shared future of Asia. In the end of the day, I found that they are the most sincere friends.

I pitched myself to conclude our journey into a video montage. In the end of the semester, this video was presented in TF LEaRN Leadership Forum on December 2, 2011 with honorary guest speaker, Secretary General of ASEAN, Dr. Surin Pitsuwan. I am honored to dedicate this video as a token of our everlasting friendship, shared future, and aspiration.

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