Visit Paws,Inc.: The Home of Cutie Garfield

Is there anyone of you who loves Garfield, the cute, lazy, lasagna-lover cat?

Before anyone raises your hand, I probably have put mine up in the air. Me me me!

This time, it would be my best ever day to visit where it all started: the studio, the house of the artist, the corporation, where the cute Garfield was born! Since 1981, Garfield character has been a part of everyone’s life in every ages.

We saw how the artist are really working to create every single masterpiece creation of Garfield using pen, pencil, ink, and brush. None of them are digitally-made, except those which have been ‘scanned’ and are ready to be published in the media. There were also people working on merchandising and its shipment around the world. There were a lot of Garfield merchandise in any forms: apparels, kids toy, kitchenware, posters, gifts, and special-edition food and drinks! All are presented in Garfield Gallery in the second floor of the studio.

Achievement of Garfield, Jim Davis, and Paws, Inc.
Achievement of Garfield, Jim Davis, and Paws, Inc.

Medals, awards, certificate–including Guinness World Book of Record recognizing Garfield as the world’s most syndicated comic strip, were also there. The funny thing is, sometimes the awards goes to Garfield, sometimes it goes to Jim Davis, the creator. So they are the two different entities, that equally deserve the title, although one of them is not a living thing. Hahaha… Congrats!

One of the Corner of Garfield Merchandise Gallery
One of the Corner of Garfield Merchandise Gallery

What I like the most from this studio is the corporate culture they posses. These are the most interesting facts:

  • the studio is located in the country side of Albany, Indiana. It is surrounded by soy been and corn field, and pines, and pond. Do not expect a high-tech futuristic building and its equipment. They value hand-made artwork and peace.
  • there are one 45 people working on the studio. “I’ve been working here for 19 years, and there are only 10 people hired here after me,” said Alice Gay Nation, Director of Sales in Paws, Inc.
  • they value everybody’s creativity, humanity, and craziness. Everyone in the studio can display their best Garfield merchandise or artwork, or even wear the “I hate Monday” t-shirt without a threat of being fired.
  • everything is laugh-able, and love-able too! From the gallery of comic strip to Garmonalisa (Garfield face in Monalisa painting bringing pizza) is there. And you just can stand not to giggle!
And the last but not least, I get a personal message from Jim Davis himself! And yeah, we are now brother and sister, since Jim Davis is also the alumni of Ball State University!
And yes, I agree with his value, “If we take care of the cat, the cat will take care of us.” I am proud a have a cat at home!
Corporate Value @ Paws, Inc.
Corporate Value @ Paws, Inc.

4 thoughts on “Visit Paws,Inc.: The Home of Cutie Garfield”

  1. Is it possible for anyone, like myself, to go tour or visit the Paws Inc? I have been a hug fan to Garfield from when I was 5 years old, I’m now 41!! Thanks for any of your help

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